CDIO ACADEMY 2017#5 – Law

The legal issues involving autonomous vehicles.

There are quite a few issues among autonomous vehicles. Not all the states’ laws keep up with the technology. Up to 2014, only six states pass the regulation for autonomous vehicles, on the contrary, fiften states had failed and eighteen states are still pending. That means regulations for autonomous are not truly mature. Lots of challenges stand in front of the regulation.First, who should take the responsibility when an accident occurs? The driver or the manufacturer?  And how if the driver get to control  the car, should the driver take all the responsibility? (As we know, when you sit on driveless car you do not put full attention on the traffic ). I believe that it still takes time for governments to enact more delicate laws.


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  1. Hi Jeff, I think you could go into more detail here. Hopefully a presentation at the Academy design camp and some deeper research may help you dive deeper into the legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles.

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