CDIO ACADEMY 2017#6 – Social


Like any new technology, autonomous vehicles are going to experience some pushback from the public. This may be because individuals feel uninformed, or they might simply enjoy being in control of their own vehicle!


Do you drive a vehicle? Why or why not?
Would you be interested in having an autonomous vehicle? Why or why not?


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Most people that I asked do not have a car, and that was because eighty percent of them are still in college.The reason they did not buy is beacuse they do not have enough money. However, when it comes to the interest of autonomous vehicles, most people do want to have a try. That shows us that there is still great potential for driveless car for people. People are looking forward to how the driveless car add color to their daily lives.

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  1. Are there any other things that may impact car ownership, other than being in college? Seeing different responses from different cities and countries may be very interesting here. Thanks for your work, see you in Calgary!

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